Cattle lorries

Vehicles for transportation of cattle, horses and small livestock

Vehicle bodyshells, trailers and semi-trailers comply with the applicable regulations - based on your special demands and requirements.

Options of equipment characteristics:

  • Chassis underbodies are protected by zinc coating againstcorrosion
  • Axles and wheels from well-known manufacturers
  • Vehicle body structures made of aluminium or sandwich-type
  • Rigid or elevating roofs
  • Ventilating or disinfecting system
  • Cattle drinking trough and spray system
  • Heating systems
  • Type II - equipment for long-time transportation according to the EU
  • Mobile intermediate bottoms
  • Side loading
  • Rear loading
  • Separating grids and doors
  • Lacquering
  • Lettering

High payload due to lightweight profiles

Our livestock transport bodies are manufactured according to the latest standard. Based on your data provided to us, we adapt them to the requirements of your company.

The use of animal transport requires a high degree of precision and long years of experience both in development and production. We keep enhancing our livestock transporters.

Quality and precision based
on many years of experience.